Janusz Będkowski - Team Leader

PhD in Automation and Robotics, adjunct in Institute of Mathematical Machines. The scope of research: inspection and intervention robot systems, semantic mapping, virtual training with AR techniques. Head of NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre in IMM.


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Tresya Fitri


Karol Majek

Researcher at Institute of Mathematical Machines; Member of NVIDIA CUDA Research Center; PhD candidate at Warsaw University of Technology. He had competed in DARPA Robotics Challenge and in two European robotics competitions. His main research interests include parallel computing, ray tracing, augmented and virtual reality.



Michał Pełka

Michał Pełka, an expert in development of complex systems which fuse software and hardware technologies. He had already implemented number of solutions in industrial and an academic environment. Wide knowledge of the mechatronics, software technologies and mechanical engineering. Today is a developer in Icarus FP7 and LIDER projects, previously he held a technical expert position in big engineering corporation.


Pawel M

Paweł Musialik

A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, currently a Ph.D. candidate on Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Since February 2012 a young scientist and programmer in Institute of Mathematical Machines. Current areas of interest are semantic maps, 3D point cloud analysis and quantitative and qualitative reasoning. Member of the NVIDIA CUDA research center. Currently a member of LIDER team.


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Piotr Kowalski

Piotr has a MSc. in robotics engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology. He designs and builds modern, rich, scalable and highly interactive mobile and web applications based on excellent technologies like iOS, Ruby on Rails or Play Framework. Piotr is keen to learn and expand his knowledge and skills and can easily integrate in any project team. He loves learning new stuff and solving hard problems. He always promotes simpler solutions that work over those more complex following master Leonardo da Vinci thought that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".



Piotr Majek

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Jacek Naruniec

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Artur Adamek