The Project

Imm The main goal of LIDER-MSAS project is to design and develop a mobile spatial assistance system (MSAS). The system is foreseen as a support in the task of spatial design, by providing detailed maps and models of the environment. To achieve this task we sue state-of-the-art technologies: parallel computing on GPGPU (NVidia CUDA technology), software and hardware virtualization (Citrix), cloud computing (GRID technology). In the scope of the project we are also developing a novel 6DSLAM algorithm and a prototype of an MSAS based on state of the art platform.

Garaz The LIDER-MSAS project, full name “Testing a mobile system for supporting spatial design” (No.: LIDER/036/659/L-4/12/NCBR/2013), is underway in Institute of Mathematical Machines since October 2013. The Leader of the project is dr. Janusz Będkowski. The team consists of 10 people of different specialties (see Team for details).

A major objective of the project is preparation of a software toolbox for creating, processing and distributing 3D data in form of point clouds and models. The main interest is into laser scanning technologies. The toolbox will allow for gathering data form different system, integrating them and processing into virtual models. The models will be compatible with popular CAD tools

Husky The toolbox is being prepared to work with a wide scope of different laser scanners: from short range scanner like SCIK TIM (10m), through medium range (SICK LMS 500) to professional geodetic scanning systems (ZF5010). By extracting and using semantic information form raw data we are able to use a highly flexible 6DSLAM algorithm to create detail high quality models of different environments. Created models can be distributed through suing cloud technologies through a data center in IMM.